NYC/Boston: Book tour venues wanted

To promote my upcoming book The Year Without Pants I’ll be touring the NYC/Boston area 10/15 thru 10/28.

Just as in the past I’ll use my network to fill the schedule, but this time I wanted to let you folks in NYC/Boston help, if you’re interested.  If you’re not interested in doing some legwork to get to see me speak in person, no worries – but stop reading now.

Here’s how it works:

  • The goal is attention for the book (surprise)
  • I seek the biggest crowds I can find
  • Preference given to book buying audiences (corporations & universities are excellent)
  • Preference given to venues willing to bulk order books
  • I’ll speak about themes from the new book, but do long Q&As where anything goes
  • I’m thrilled when organizations open events to the public

Know an organizer that would host me? Perhaps:

  • Your corporation
  • A college
  • A well attended speaker series
  • A large community group that has regular meetings
  • A popular bookstore
  • Your living room (If I have open slots, I’ll fill them any way I can)

If yes, do this:

  • If you are the organizer, check the schedule below and get in touch
  • If you’re not the organizer but know them, here’s early praise for the book and my bio to help pitch them

You can contact me this way.

Tentative NYC/Boston tour Schedule:

  • NYC – Tue Oct 15th to Oct 18th
  • Boston:  Tue Oct 22nd to Oct. 28th

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