The 177 truths of innovation

In making the mega list of 177 innovation myths, I hoped the hours it took to research would pay off in others building on it. Designer Stefan Klocek was first by inverting all the myths as an experiment, creating a list of 177 innovation truths.

Of course semantic inversions don’t always work, but some are interesting especially when compared together:

  • Innovators had unhappy lives
  • Innovators need others to succeed
  • You don’t need to stay positive
  • You can’t remember everything
  • Companies of any size and any age innovate
  • Many great ideas are needed
  • It’s better to take risks
  • Innovation is a full time activity
  • You don’t need more new ideas
  • Innovation is the whole company
  • You don’t need to let loose
  • Innovation isn’t radical departure
  • Mistakes are cheap

See the entire list here.

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