Lecture Wed 1/22: Free Speech and Social Media (Seattle)

The Seattle Social Media Club is hosting me to speak next week about Free Speech and Social Media. They hosted me in 2010 to speak on Calling BS on Social Media Gurus (slides and notes) and it’s good to be back.

I’m very excited about this talk: the history of the collision of free speech and technology is a subject I’ve studied for a long time. I’m honored to get a chance to talk about these important issues. Here are the details:

  • Title: Can free speech survive the social media mob?
  • When: Wednesday January 1/22, 7pm
  • Where: Seattle City Hall, 600 4th Avenue, Seattle, WA 98104
  • Tickets: $15 (appetizers are served at 6pm)
  • Livestream? I don’t know but I’ll update when I do.

Description: The disturbing trend of online mob “justice” continues to grow. Has the unprecedented power of social media made us more or less free to express ourselves? What can we learn from how social media handled controversies and events like the Justine Sacco firing, The Boston Marathon bombing and the A&E Duck Dynasty debate? This entertaining and challenging talk explores these questions, providing clarity and advice on how media experts and ordinary citizens can make a difference.

You can help me develop the ideas that will be in this lecture by participating in this thread.

You can get tickets on eventbrite now. Hope to see you there. And you’ll earn that appetizer with a good pre-lecture workout by climbing the famous city hall stairs.


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  1. Bek

    I am interested in the live feed and so hope you choose to provide that option. :-D


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