8 Reasons To Take My Public Speaking Workshop (April in Seattle)

I recently announced a new workshop on public speaking, taught here in Seattle. Here’s why you should sign up:

  1. You will have fun. Yes, it’s true. Public Speaking can be fun. The exercises and games we play are designed to make you feel safe, comfortable and have fun while you learn.
  2. Leave with confidence. Since you’ll spend much of the day speaking, or critiquing other speakers, when it’s over you’ll be a much better speaker than ever before. You will learn techniques to manage your fears, and how to prepare to give any presentation with confidence.
  3. It has amazing reviews. Here are results from the last offering: workshop rating 4
  4. You will become a better storyteller. You’ll understand the common mistakes speakers make, how to avoid them, and how to use these skills to help you in your career.
  5. The day is centered on YOU. This is a WORKshop. You will spend as much time as logistically possible practicing and getting constructive critique (there are other students of course, but you’ll be working at times in small groups, practicing and getting feedback).
  6. Leave with helpful resources. You’ll get a signed copy of the bestseller, Confessions of A Public Speaker, the book that’s helped thousands of people become better speakers. Plus you’ll get a feedback and critique guide, useful for practice on your own.
  7. Learn from true expertise. I make much of my living as a professional speaker, and have given hundreds of lectures around the world. I’ve appeared on NPR, CNN, MSNBC and CNBC as an expert on various subjects, including public speaking. Over the last 20 years I’ve made every mistake imaginable, and teach from a place of invitation: I want you to improve and learn from my mistakes.
  8. It’s Inexpensive. This is the final discount/beta offering of the course, at a very thrifty $350 (Early Bird) for a full day of first rate training.

Note: this is an intro to intermediate level workshop.

Next offering: In Seattle – Friday April 22nd, 9am – REGISTER HERE.


4 Responses to “8 Reasons To Take My Public Speaking Workshop (April in Seattle)”

  1. Sean Crawford

    I get a kick out of you including your book: Not just a copy, but a signed copy.

    I will further amuse myself by telling people, “The book comes free with the course!”
    The same way I tell them, “My jet flight includes a free meal!” The only ones who don’t smile at that are my relatives. Well, you can’t pick your relatives.

    I respect the work you have put into this, and I like how people will get absolutely the most bang for their buck. I know from your previous posts that you a keen master of workshops—no B.S. allowed, not in yours.

  2. Sam

    Any chance of a future workshop in bay area?

  3. Nancy

    If I could be in Seattle, I’d be there. If attendees walk away with the necessary skills to be half the engaging speaker you are, Scott, it will be money well spent. I heard you speak exactly once, and the message sticks with me to this day (a year and a half later). What more could a speaker ask for? Well, probably plenty, but I hope you catch the meaning.

    Hope it’s a great time!

  4. Tim Harper

    I’m sad I missed this. I learned of it after the date had passed :( Totally would’ve been worth the drive to Seattle.


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