Does your charity want pants? (Seattle)

Sept. 17th is launch day for my book The Year Without Pants. I’m throwing a launch party, and I’d love to do something charitable at the event.

The best idea is to have a donation box for people to donate pairs of pants (and I’ll give them a free drink or a copy of the book).

Wanted: I’m hoping to find a volunteer from a local charity who can attend the party and man the donation box. It’d be nice exposure for your charity and of course you’re likely to leave with some nice pants to donate to your cause.

If you’re interested, or know someone who might be, leave a comment or contact me.

3 Responses to “Does your charity want pants? (Seattle)”

  1. Ted Boren

    Great idea! Deseret Industries (operated by the LDS Church) is a thrift store chain where 100% of the proceeds goes to help the poor and needy. Surplus clothing is shipped to areas of the world where it is needed and distributed for free. It’s also a place where people receive job training and vocational therapy. There is an outlet in the Seattle area; I can get in touch with them if you like… Best of luck on the launch!

  2. Sean Crawford

    Hi Scott, I see under popular posts you have one from May of ’05.

    Well, on my sticky notes the only thing I have about you is: “Berkun remember May 2005, Links July 05″…. And no, I didn’t care about the Firefox one, since I am not a computer guy. I don’t care about links these days either, but I sure hope you look at May to see what else is there that I and others might like.

    Sincerely, your self-interested fan.

    1. Scott

      There’s something broken with that plugin. I’ll get it fixed.


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