Self-publishing vs. working with O’Reilly Media

I met Joe Wikert, GM at O’Reilly Media, in 2008, while negotiating terms for Confessions of a Public Speaker. I’ve talked to many editors and executives at publishing companies, but he quickly charmed me with his genuine intelligence and honest good nature. Like my editor at O’Reilly, Mary Tressler, he’s one of my favorite people at O’Reilly Media.

When I decided to self-publish my newest book, Mindfire: Big Ideas for Curious Minds, many people assumed there was some bad blood between O’Reilly Media and myself. It was one of the most common questions I heard, despite it not being the case.

When Joe asked to interview me about self-publishing, I imediately said Yes, as this is exactly the kind of good natured curiosity, and interest in providing a level playing field, that made me happy to work with Joe and O’Reilly Media in the first place.

We talked about the choices I’ve made, what I learned, advice I have for authors and publishers, and more (here’s Wikerts summary).

4 Responses to “Self-publishing vs. working with O’Reilly Media”

  1. Phil Simon

    Good stuff, Scott.

    “I’m big on experimentation.”

    You could write a book about that statement.

  2. Chris K

    O’Reilly seems like a pretty cool publishing company. They seem to understand Self-Publishing is coming and they’re willing to learn from the authors that are or intend to do it. Good post.

  3. Carolyn Higgins

    I love your attitude; self publishing just for the experience. Sounds like something I’d do!

    This is a great interview, very helpful. Thank you!




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