Microsoft no more

Today was my last day at Microsoft. Several months (years?) of thinking about doing other things have ended. I am now unemployed. Handed in my badge and left building A. I stood outside for a good ten minutes looking at the building, laughing about how I couldn’t get back in even if I wanted to.

I have a few months to figure out what’s next. I’m proud of myself for doing something that scared the crap out of me.

Work history 1994-2003:

  • Usability engineer, Various office products, IE 1.0
  • Program Manager, IE 2.0-IE 5.0
  • Lead Program Manager, Windows
  • Training Manager, Engineering Excellence Group
  • Lead Program Manager, MSN
  • 5 patents (So much for the patent process)
  • 6 ship it awards (I may have lost some?)
  • 10 managers
  • 12 different offices
  • 50 something specifications written
  • Zero confirmed HR violations

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  1. Jimmy

    >>Today was my last day at Microsoft.

    Good boy !!!



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