Berkun plan 2004

It’s been 3 months since I left Microsoft – I promised Jill a “Scott 2004 plan” and I finished it last night. 3 pages long. Plan was approved by Jill today (she almost said it was good – high praise indeed). I have marital support now – woohoo!

The primary goal is books. My life goal is to fill the bookshelf near my desk with books – one’s that I’ve written. Since committing to this plan I admit I’ve studied the shelf carefully – shelves are BIG. This particular shelf is 15-20 books wide. If it takes a year to write a book, it will take me nearly 3 decades to finish this commitment. (Unless I’m allowed to write in crayon, in big 50pt Hellvetica, with one or two letters per page. If that’s allowed I may be in good shape after all).

I have a long list of book ideas – but the London project is still the best place to start. As slow as it’s been going, it still makes the most sense for several reasons.

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