Goals for this blog

This weblog started to log the making and release of a book. Well, the book is out and doing well – But what to do here now?

Here’s the plan:

Weekly short pieces on:

  • Management, teams and leadership.
  • The making of good things.
  • Design, technology and creativity.
  • Highlights from the pmclinic and uxclinic discussion lists.

Monthly pieces on:

  • As new book projects come together I’ll be writing about them here, bringing you into the process.
  • Longer essays once a month will be posted here along with other book news, meetups or tour dates.

And as always, if if you’re willing to post it, I’ll write about anything people ask for .


5 Responses to “Goals for this blog”

  1. Clarke Ching

    Hi Scott,

    I’d like to hear about your experiences writing the book. How you worked. The good things. The bad things. The frustrations and the joys.


  2. BillA

    I like it – keep it coming.

  3. Elaine Nelson

    Gossip, dammit! What good is a weblog w/out gossip? ;)

    Honestly, all that stuff sounds excellent. You don’t mention it (implied in “leadership and management”?), but writing on teams and group projects are always of interest to me.

  4. Jon Aschenbrener

    I’d like to see some essays on group management in a non-corporate scene as well as a corporate. Open source and small-time projects usually don’t pay their employees so they drift in and out and some times procrastinate profusely (I’m horrible for that). It’d be nice if you had at least one essay targeted at this sort of group.


    Looking forward to the book and hearing about the progress. Of your “Weekly short pieces” the aspect that interests me most would be the “creativity”



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