Tour dates

Here are the final tour dates for SF

Now thru May 20th

Tue, May 10th

  • 11am, sun Microsystems (newark campus), talk: schedules and other lies
  • 7pm Baychi, talk: What to do when things go wrong. Open to the public.

Wed, May 11th

  • 11am & 1pm, Google, Mountain View, talk: lessons from the browser wars
  • 4pm, Yahoo, talk: Schedules and other lies
  • 6pm7PM, Faultline Brewing Company – Purely an informal social thing. Share drinks and food with this new author. I’ll have a bunch of free copies of the book to give away. All are welcome to come and chat over some beer. Talk about the book or anything you like. I’ll sign books or other things if you desire.

Thur, May 12th

  • 12pm, Macromedia
  • 3pm. Adobe

If you’re interested in the Wednesday meetup, leave a comment so I’ll look for ya :)

13 Responses to “Tour dates”

  1. Matt

    To make it to Sunnyvale at 6 PM I’d have to leave at 4:30 or before from SF. Just FYI that people from North will be late anyway, so it might be worth pushing the official time back. Anyway, I’ll try to truck a few folks with me. :)

  2. Scott

    Sure thing – now 7pm. Should have a stack of books to give away, and I’ll be buyng beer for folks that show.

  3. Chad

    Can’t stay too long – gotta head up to SF at some point – but I’ll be there.

  4. Micah Alpern

    Scott, I’ll be at the Wed night gig and will try to pull a few other eBayers along too.


  5. Scot

    Updated the time to 7pm for SF folks. I’ll be there early tho since it’s near my hotel – If anyone is planning on doing earlier just let me know, I’ll find ya.

  6. Rebecca Z.

    Hi Scott, I was in your last night’s talk, it was great, thanks! I will be there tonight and interested in the “Schedules and other lies”. See you!

  7. Danielle

    Hi Scott-
    Any chance of you making it up to Toronto (Canada) for the tour? I just picked up your book, but would love to hear some more of your insight about PM live. Thanks!

  8. Scott

    Thanks to all that came out to see me! I’ll be updating this blog as new things happen so stay tuned.

    Danielle: Apologies but right now I don’t have any Toronto plans. I love the city and would love to entertain you live, but no current plans.

  9. Patrick

    Dang! As usual I found out about something cool right after it happened. Any chance for a return engagement?

  10. Edisonian

    Wow. If I were in that area I would have certainly checked it out. Great blog.



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