Going to SXSW? Vote for my panel

Never been to SXSW but was asked by Susan Price to be on a panel about Attention and Design at SXSW in March ’09. I have opinions galore about attention (See my essay attention and sex), and think this is a great topic.

The way it works is everybody votes and the top panels chosen become part of the program. So if you’re going and want to see this panel, or help me get to SXSW, please go vote.

Panel – Designing Experiences in an ADHD Culture: Attention Deficit Disorder is increasingly recognized as a cultural adaptation to information barrage. How can experience designers cope with distractability and lack of attention? What do we need to be doing, or not doing, to continue to connect with users amid all the noise? Is there an ADD upside?

More details and voting here.

If nothing else it’s worth checking out their cool voting tool and how their panel selection process works.

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