New video: How progress happens

The folks at the Tools of Change conference posted a video of my talk this week on How Progress happens. Here’s the description:

Talking about change is easy making change happen in most organizations is ridiculously hard. But there are things we can learn from the history of technology, political revolution and change, and there is a playbook we can reuse to help us avoid easy mistakes and seemingly popular, but actually self-defeating approaches. This fun, interactive, and entertaining talk will prime you for leading change, enhancing your skills for motivating, and making change happen in your world.

It’s mostly new material – plus includes fun references to poorly named 70s rock bands, Gandhi, The Roman Empire, Christians and Lions, and other fun unexpected stories about progress.

Press play above to watch right now, or go to the page – either way its 40 minutes long, including Q&A.

2 Responses to “New video: How progress happens”

  1. alsomike

    I watched this last night and thought it was great, the part about avoiding technocentrism. As if on cue, I found out that Robert Kegan’s new book, Immunity to Change, has just come out!


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