(Seattle) Free training for unemployed tech workers

The good folks at Bellevue’s Construx software have a special offer for folks in the tech-sector recently laid off. Here’s a quote from their press release:

“During the dot com collapse the software industry was at the epicenter of the recession. Most of our clients were affected, and that meant we were affected,” said Steve McConnell, Construx CEO and author of five best selling software development books. “We remember what it was like before, and we are fortunate this time to be in a position to extend a helping hand to our friends whose companies are struggling.”

During boom periods many software professionals have difficulty finding time to sharpen their skills. “Our seminars focus on developing the skills to develop world-class software. We want software people to be able to build their careers, whether they have a job at the moment or not,” Mark Nygren, Construx’s COO stated.

They’re reserving 25% of the seats in some of their courses for folks that qualify (Must have been laid off after July 1, 2008). Details on the program here.

2 Responses to “(Seattle) Free training for unemployed tech workers”

  1. Vonda

    I see the date above says Feb 09.
    Will there be another training?

    My boyfriend was laid off of Dell in November of
    2008 and would probably be interested in this.
    Thank you



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