How you know there’s snow in Seattle

There’s barely a half-inch on the ground and look at the highways at 9:15am.

7 Responses to “How you know there’s snow in Seattle”

    1. Scott Berkun

      Hey – I work from home, so it’s mostly not a problem for me. I suppose it’s a good week for transportation to fall apart in a city as there’s no major holiday or anything.. oh wait.

  1. Jens Link

    Looks like Cologne, Germany. When the weather forecast reports fresh snow on the Zugspitze (Germany highest mountain with snow throughout the year) traffic breaks down in Cologne. People there just don’t realize that the Zugspitze is a couple of hundred kilometers away. ;-)

  2. Dave S

    It doesn’t help when the media says that we are experiencing near whiteout conditions. Does that mean that I have a “windfall” if I win $2 on the lottery? It seems that around here the *possibility* of snow can shut down the city. On the other side of the coin, watching a bus go down Gatewood hill sideways (previous snow storms) may influence your decision to stay home or venture out.

  3. Scott Berkun

    Jen S: or realize how much 50 meters of altitude can mean for snow accumulation.

  4. Stephen Pierzchala

    My in-laws live in Victoria, BC and they got slammed.

    Will get to -16C (3.2F) tonight.

    Meanwhile, it’s currently 55F in Boston. There is something wrong with this.




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