Teaching Seattle How to Drive – in 5 minutes

At the recent Ignite Seattle event I gave this carefully researched list of advice live in front of crowd of hundreds of Seattleites.

4 Responses to “Teaching Seattle How to Drive – in 5 minutes”

  1. Deepak Surti

    Is Seattle worse than this? Warning: its an irrelevant but (probably) funny counterpart to the problem in question.

    1. Liesel

      This is going to sound strange, but I find this India Driving video to be relaxing, like watching fish in an acquarium. I’m quite sure my blood pressure dropped after watching it. Unexpected!

  2. Barreta

    Nice rant you really did this speech right :) I like how comfortable and entertaining you are.

  3. Mike

    Scott, welcome to my world!
    Perth, Australia has drivers who…
    – Think they are polite letting cars turn across a road but hold up cars behind them and break right of way rules
    – Cannot merge for sh*t (goes both ways as the cars in the arterial road don’t move over or spread out for a well executed zipper merge at the speed limit)
    – Are unaware of other cars (i.e. packing tight at lights to allow cars behind into turn/slip lanes)
    One of the biggest whinges of people from Sydney or Melbourne where assertive driving is the norm


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