Why I’m making a film about Seattle

I’ve made my living as a writer in part because of of where I live. The city of Seattle has been an amazing place to be a maker of things, whether it’s books, software or just about anything. There are so many opportunities here and the culture is incredibly supportive of taking risks, making big gets and learning from each other.

It’s always been frustrating however that Seattle’s national reputation is dominated by two things: coffee and rain.

Other major cities like NYC, LA, and Portland have produced short films highlighting what they think makes them special. It’s time for Seattle to step up, and stand up, and express what makes th Emerald city such a great place for people with big ideas.

For the last few months I’ve been working with local filmmaker friends Bryan Zug and Dan McComb on We Make Seattle. As leaders in the creative community, they share my passion for the city, as well as the desire to use our abilities to craft something awesome as a gift back to Seattle itself.

Today we launched the kickstarter campaign for We Make Seattle. If you love Seattle I hope you’ll join in with your support and help us tell the story of our great creative city.

Head over to the  We Make Seattle campaign page and join in.Thanks.

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  1. Teresa Roberts

    You should totally get Chase Jarvis involved/on-board too if you haven’t already; he would be a great ‘creative’ resource/example of ‘home grown Seattle goodness’.

    I also live in Seattle and would love to help out however I can.

    Wishing you success!


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