Saving Your Creative Soul

I spoke at TEDXDepaul last month, on the invitation of Daniel Gurevich. He gave me free reign to decide what to talk about, a liberty I enjoy, so if you like this talk you can thank him too.

At the event I met Alexis Finch, who was sketchnoting the event at the same time I liveblogged my notes. We made an impromptu press row right up front. Here is her  sketchnote of my talk.


14 Responses to “Saving Your Creative Soul”

  1. Phil Simon

    Great talk, Scott. Inspirational stuff. I bough the Picasso movie just now.

    1. Scott

      The Picasso movie is not for everyone, as I tried to express. But it does give a sense of what it’s like to actually be a painter, mistakes and unknowns and all.

  2. Jen

    YES! Your talk left me with knots in stomach. It also reminded me of a poem I read recently by Rumi – “Unfold Your Own Myth”. Rumi writes “don’t be satisfied with stories, how things have gone with others. Unfold your own myth, without complicated explanation”. To me, this is as much about being true-to-self as it is about honoring – saying yes to – our own ideas and work.

  3. Claudia Snell

    I really love this!

    Thank you for being amazing. Thanks to Daniel Gurevich for providing the opportunity for you to do this.

  4. Pete Colligan

    I am glad I took a break to consume your content. :) Great talk. Thanks for taking the time to do that.

  5. Smaranda

    Awesome break after “Now I wanna talk about your soul!”. Priceless :)) Very good talk. Looked effortless.

    1. Parameswaran Pengad

      I am feeling happy to learn from your .good self Please accept my congradulations!
      You are blessed author and will be in our mind always.!

  6. Steven McNicoll

    Excellent talk Scott.

  7. Chris

    Thanks Scott … absolutely brilliant and on the money! So many people — including me for many years — wait for the right inspiration to come to them to get through the “block”, and it’s work … boring, consistent, daily work … that eventually smashes the block.

  8. Warren Croce

    Thanks Scott (and Daniel). The part about “doing the work” reminded me of the Ronnie Coleman quote: “Everybody wanna be a bodybuilder but nobody wanna lift heavy ass weights”. Ya gotta do the work, plain and simple.

  9. Mark Palmer

    Your presentation resonated extremely well with me. I should have listened to my inner voice a lot more over the past 12 years. The good news is that I still have many years ahead (hopefully) – I really appreciate the kick in the soul – I needed that.





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