New essay: how to pick a president

45 days to go. We’ve got wars, bailouts, and natural disaster zones galore. What’s the best way to decide how to vote? Here’s my take on advice for how to pick a president in 1400 words.

Essay #59 – How to pick a president.

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  1. Michael Yanakiev

    I very impressed by your most revealing and deep,thoughtful essays! I appreciate everything that you were so kind as to send it to me!
    Your ‘Blog’ is a small treasury of ideas, facts, accurate observations, down to the root thinking, etc. Your sense about the limitlessness of human stupidity and bullshitting around are rarely original. I am afraid that if you were to test the candidates for the post of 44’th President of the U.S., neither will pass the test,exam etc. But as a existential philosopher once said:”Human life is a violation over Nature.” And Nietzsche states that the times for “Funny Sciences” are obviously approaching. So what is the deal?: Let us give one of Nature’s acceptable errors the benefit of the doubt!

  2. Mark L.

    Scott – Excellent essay on how to pick a President.

    I would suggest that adding how a Candidate solves problems is an essential quality to being a leader, whether of company or the greatest Nation in the world. What we need to know is how the candidates are going to solve our issues, whether its economics, or our standing in the world etc. I have made my list of what needs to solved, and looking to see who adddresses them and how. So far, not one single candidate has presented solid concrete solutions, and perhaps they can not since they do not want to show their hand, but Iam tired hearing “I am going to solve”, with no substance.

    Thanks for the opportunity to comment! ML

    1. Jacie

      I never thought I would find such an everyday topic so ehnrtalilng!

  3. Peter Harkins

    Thanks for a great, non-partisan election guide.

    In the intro, though, you minimize the influence of the President by mentioning the checks of the other branches of government. The current administration has resisted the check of the judicial branch by ignoring subpoenas, and the legislative branch by issuing “signing statements” to indicate that certain parts of laws will be ignored. The next president will have a lot of responsibility to reject or embrace this new authority and influence. (I’m trying for a non-partisan description of some contentious issues here, and hoping not to derail the conversation into pro/anti-Bush argument.)

    The office of the President has increased in influence over the decades as the increase in the size of the federal government has almost exclusively increased the size of the executive branch. I guess my point is that I like your guide so much because I think Presidential elections are so important, so it was very odd to see it minimized in your introduction.

  4. Scott

    Hi Peter – Good point. I’m aware of the issues you’re talking about (I saw the excellent Frontline special on Cheney and executive power ) and agree with you on the special challenge created for the next president.

    The problem was that it was impossible for me to touch on issues specific to 2008 without derailing the essay.

    So it’s a valid criticism, but I didn’t see a way to introduce the subject without sending the essay in an entirely different direction.

    Thanks for the feedback.

  5. Tom H.

    I have several things to say about this race for president.
    #1. It absolutely stuns me to know the number of Black voters turnig out for this particular election. They’re not voting because of Qualification, They’ree voting because he’s black. Wake up, he’s only half black.

    #2. If he was born in Hawaii as he claims then why is he being so evasive about releasing his College Student Loan Records and “Legal Birth Certificate. I was born in a foreign Country and my parents were told I coould do or be anything I want except become President. It’s in the Constitution

    #3. He want’s to sit down with a man who wants to wipe Isreal off the face of the map and who thinks Americans should be dead as well. Not to mention the fact that “There are no Gay Iraniand, they’re all dead.

    #4. What’s with the name change from “Barry to Barack”???

    On the other side of the coin. John McCain scares the hell out of me, and I’m not particularly fond of Sarah Palin either. I’m absolutely confused.

  6. Pam Smith

    My two major points on picking a president:

    1) He has experience in business. Either in running a state or a corporation. If he can handle CEO/state issues he can look at the big picture and then he just multiplies his knowledge by 1,000.

    2) He is not from a broken home. He has male and female input and we don’t have to deal with his insecurities in dealing with same sex or opposite sex relationships.

    And you can tell by my “he” comments that I would prefer a man because my experience of 99.9% of the women I have met is that they can’t stop thinking of themselves and what they want long enough to make a decision that would effect a country.

    Love your essays. Thanks!


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