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    If everything could be explained in 75 rules, what would they be?

    262 votes. Asked by Richard ferrers on . View more.

     Life is complex, but complexity can arise from a small number of simple rules. If you could ask anything after you died, I might ask: what was that all about? Then be shown the 75 rules. A frustratingly short list that could have been in our grasp had we invested a little time.
    I played this game a few years ago, and got to 30 or so.

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    What gaps in communication exist in global virtual teams and how are they addressed in the organization or from leadership?

    237 votes. Asked by Regina on . View more.

     I have questions on how conventional leadership lead global virtual teams? Do they use the same skills as traditional face-to-face leaders do or do they lead in an unconventional way? If so what is that and how is it effective? How do some GVT succeed while others fail? what is the formula?
    What studies support the ideas, etc.


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    How do I find someone to pitch our idea?

    115 votes. Asked by Kari Mitchell on . View more.

    KoKreative – HD Film and Video Production has an idea that is ready to be pitched. We have worked the past year and a half to get to a place where it is ready, and we feel that now is the time. At this point, we also feel that someone who is a professional at pitching ideas will do a far better job at pitching it than we will. We need to find a person who can do this for us and don’t know how to find this person. Can you help us? We live in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia – Canada. Any help will be appreciated very much. Kari

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    Why do so many people managers don't have people skills?

    106 votes. Asked by Bobby on . View more.

    Why do so many companies consistently and with depressing regularity keep promoting people to people manager positions when the clearly lack people skills? They are not supposed to do the job, rather get the job done. How can the if they can’t inspire and hold their teams together.

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    How do you organize your ideas?

    102 votes. Asked by Nancy on . View more.

     I write my ideas down as soon as I think of them, but how do I organize them into a story. I have them written down on index cards.

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    With the PITCH in mind, please specifically speak to HOW to find the right person to approach and WHAT to say to insure face time with him/her?

    99 votes. Asked by Dawn White on . View more.

     Scott, You’ve provided invaluable insight in crafting an effective pitch for one’s idea/concept, now I’d be abjectly grateful if you would offer exactly how to identify the right person, which communication medium to use for approach and what to say to nail the opportunity to make your pitch to them in person. Thank you for all your efforts on my behalf.

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    Why is Scott's honesty and courage so refreshing?

    84 votes. Asked by Steve Van Atta on . View more.

    At this time of year I’m in the habit of looking back at the people, places and perspectives that have changed me over the previous 12 months. You are certainly included in first and third of those “p” words. I also try to thank those people [as well as God who, IMHO, authors it all] for their contributions to our communities and world, as well as myself.

    Thanks, Scott Berkun.

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    Who in life most influenced you and why?

    80 votes. Asked by Darren Foster on . View more.


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    How would you deal with over friendly staff? (if you are the employer/Boss)

    79 votes. Asked by Rash on . View more.

     how would you get things done from them effectively when there is a reluctance in their attitude towards work?

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    From which "angle" do i write my book?

    78 votes. Asked by Mrs Janetta Burridge on . View more.

     Hello Scott,

    When i left school back in good old 1989, my english teacher said to me, “I expect to see your name on a book soon.” Which i took as a compliment, and at the age of 22yrs old (ish!), i did indeed write a book, i chose fiction, as my english teacher said “i have great imagination, with detail”, i have yet to fully “put it to paper”, because when i sit down, start typing away, it just rolls on, im telling a story, i dont actually feel like im getting the reader really interested in it. I have gone back to it occasionally and read it, and started to change bits, whole chapters sometimes, I suppose i could say it lacks substance. Im not sure on whether to tell it from one of the main characters view, or as the author, thinking it may add something like a new angle to it. Im now 43yrs old…and its about time i got on with it ! Any advice?

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    what matters between making a change and creating a value?

    76 votes. Asked by Meryem on . View more.

     While we make changes, We create new values supposed to be positive. But there’s little really valuable created. What is the blindness in our lives? (Philosophically) Also i agree with you many people cannot explain what innovation means. Thank you

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    How can I get an idea for a book?

    72 votes. Asked by Lyssa on . View more.

    You see, I like making parodies of books. But now, I wanna start creating my own books. I think of ideas then forget them. How can I keep an ideaa in my head? Also, how can I make an idea? Any suggestions?
    ~A curious minded teen.

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    Activities for Public Speaking Club

    68 votes. Asked by Veeta on . View more.

     What activites would you suggest for Public Speaking club for employees, mostly finacial professionals and engineers?

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    How could a design process be effected if the name of the process-phases was focusing on feelings rather than action?

    49 votes. Asked by Theresia Torenholt on . View more.

    In my last project about embodied technology, i reflected upon my process as have been an act of play rather than a typically thought design process of building of a product.

    *Design thinking phases (here Ideo): discovery – interpretation – ideation – experimentation – evolution (wording of action)
    **The 7 element of play: anticipation – surprise – pleasure – understanding – strength – poise (wording of feelings)
    Non of these phases and elements should be seen individually, as you hopefully mess up the chronology while working with them.

    Need to say that my process was highly focusing on the element of exploring and personally having fun while learning new technologies, but I was also conducting interviews, observations, interventions and testing to constantly improve the existing prototype and idea and in the end create something new and fun for others.
    As my own process was mainly driven by the words ‘fun and play’, i found inspiration from Scott G. Eberle elements of play, as a means to explain my process. I found the wording very liberating, because they were not dictating the actions that i was to do, but more focusing on how i felt during the process.

    As this was a reflection i did in the end of my project periode, i would like to get your thoughts on how you think feeling-based wording could affect f.eks. a workshop where you through design-thinking empower others to strengthen their innovation skills. And also, I would very much like your thoughts on which feelings you would highlight in that regard.

    All the best,
    Theresia Torenholt

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    what mistake did you make as a child, and how did you resolve this mistake?

    49 votes. Asked by Avery Bolton on . View more.


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